BTC Wine proposes an all included service from pristine over packaging to international shipment and full insurance.

Insurance :

All of our shipments are insured during transportation from our Warehouse to your door for 100% of their value. This insurance allows you to be fully reimbursed in case of loss, theft or breakage.

wine cases

Delivery :

BTC Wine delivers fine wines to more than 30 countries worldwide within around 15 days (depending on the country).
France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, UK, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lituania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Rep, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Hong-Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

BTC Wine carriers have been selected for their efficiency, safety and reliability.

protection in a wine bottle case


If your order does not exceed 24 bottles, your cases will be over packaged after being carefully opened with the aim of wedging the bottles inside.
Beyond 24 bottles, your cases will be placed on pallets and wrapped with black film.

une caisse de bouteille de vins avec une surprotection